LEAD is a 2 day leadership training program designed to equip leaders and managers with the mindset and skills to drive positive business change within organisations.

Managers are often faced with paradox. How can they deliver short term results with limited resources AND invest the time and energy to change and be ready for the future? How can they be responsible for their teams and be in control AND give their reports the freedom to make their own decisions and take more ownership for their work.  LEAD was developed to support managers with the practical challenges they face and to provide them with skills to overcome them.

It is more than just a training course, designed and facilitated by two professional coaches with their own real world management experience.  It provides a chance for managers and teams to step back, reflect and apply new awareness and skills to their own situation.  The program is built around international best practice and theory in change and leadership and delivered in a human, immersive and emergent way.

Please download the LEAD brochure here.