It is often the remit of senior managers to develop a strategy to navigate and transform the organisation in order to survive and be successful in a changing world.  Organisations often need faster internal process, the ability to collaborate between teams and departments, to become more customer focused, reduce non value adding activities and the ensure the safety and wellbeing of their employees.  Companies needs to do all these things in an environment that seems to be ever more dynamic and complex, and where competitors are never standing still.

Despite the absolute need for organisations to adapt the fact is that most transformation programs do not succeed (Sloan Management Review 2018).  The reason organisation change is so difficult is because is is a complex challenge, there is no single magic solution.  Structure, strategy, leadership, Human Resources, systems, procedures, culture and communications are all important to organisational change but as elements of change they are of limited impact.

Fundamental change requires the ability to see both the individual elements and the whole system.  We work with senior leaders to identify the big challenges and opportunities facing the organisation and use these challenges to frame the work to find new and more effective ways of working in real teams.  We support the local teams by working closely along side them, enabling new conversations that release new ideas and providing them with skills to find new ways of working and coaching them to be successful.  By working at the strategic and operational level simultaneously we connect the reality of change on the ground with the leadership authority to enact systemic change across the whole company.