Team Coaching is an exciting and emerging practice and stands at the intersection between Coaching and Management Consulting.  It is similar to coaching in so far as it places responsibility for the agenda and solution development primarily with the client.  It represents consulting because it requires in the coach a deep awareness of group behaviours, power dynamics and the nature of organisational systems.

Team coaching can be applied when a group find they face a particularly difficult challenge or when there is a need to develop the effectiveness and team performance.  In a Harvard Business Review study, it was found that only 24% of leadership teams were considered 'high performing'.  Team Coaching holds the potential to significantly increase the quality of team interaction and team results.

Team coaching usually involves a team of between 3 and 12 people and takes place over a period of between 6 and 12 months.  The coaching occurs in pre agreed sessions where the whole team is present and often takes place offsite over a day or half day.  Each session contains elements of reflection, learning and action planning and a core principle is that everyone in the team is engaged and there is shared responsibility for the coaching between team members and coach(s).  It is best practice in a Team Coaching environment to involve two coaches working together with the team.